Miniroos Junior 8-11s

Boys, Girls and Mixed Teams

MiniRoos is a modified form of 11-a-side football, designed to meet the needs of players under the age of 12, who have very different developmental characteristics and needs to adult players.

The philosophy of MiniRoos focuses on enjoyment and freedom of expression and aims to makes the game of football a better experience for children. It aims to provide more touches on the ball, more opportunities to make decisions, allowing for more actual play. Players will be more active due to playing both attacking and defensive roles within a match and will understand the importance of team-mates and playing and working together.

Playing Format Under 8 & 9 Under 10 & 11
7 v 7 9 v 9
Field Size
Full Size Pitch  Length: 40m – 50m Width: 30m – 40m Full Size Pitch  Length: 60m – 70m Width: 40m – 50m
Field Markings
Markers or  line markings Markers or  line markings
Penalty Area
5m depth  x 12m width 5m depth  x 12m width
Goal Size
Width: 2.5m – 3.0m  Height: 1.8m – 2.0m Width: 4.5m – 5.0m  Height: 1.8m – 2.0m
Goal Type
Goals, Poles  or Markers Goals, Poles  or Markers
Ball Size
Size 3 Size 4
Goal Keeper
Yes Yes
Playing Time
2 x 20 minutes 2 x 25 minutes
Half Time Break
5 minutes 7.5 minutes
Instructing Referee Instructing Referee

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