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Amateurs, Socials, Masters and Over 45’s


Our senior men Amateurs and Metros preseason will commence on January 17 at Birralee Reserve. Sessions are 6-7:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday.

The club has a long history of senior teams for those a bit older than the juniors and some a lot older!

This year we have the amateur league squad who play together every week on a first team and reserves team basis, a metropolitan team and two masters teams who play at home the same week as the amateurs. Several players from these teams have been involved with the club since their junior days, which is something we would like to see continue.

When Do We Train?

Training is usually between 6.45pm – 8.30pm on a weekday night.

When Do We Play?

Games are on a Sunday afternoon on a home and away basis. For home games two teams kick off at 12.45pm and two teams kick off at 3.00pm. For the first and reserves away games these times stay the same, but for the masters and metropolitan teams their away games kick off times can vary. After all home games, we organise a BBQ for all who want to stay – this has proved very popular in the past and we will continue to do so this year. This is an excellent opportunity to socialise with players and their families as many bring their children along. It would be great to see junior players and parents come along to support the seniors and to have some time to mix these usually separate parts of the club. We hope to have special training nights when some senior players come along to junior training to help and to show the younger ones that you can still play the game we love when you get older.

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