Registrations 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Soccer Season at North Beach!

Please note that all junior age groups and miniroos are now full and as such we are not taking any further expressions of interest.

We only have very limited places on the 6 & 7’s.

Registration is still open to senior players.

FootballWest has introduced a new registration website at

Please read through the instructions provided prior to registering.



Remember that your place within the club cannot be confirmed until your fees have been paid so we encourage you to use the pay online option within the website.

Player Age Groups

Players will only be able to register in their correct age group based on calendar year (not school year).

Requests to play up an age group should be directed to the Junior Coordinator who will make an assessment taking into account player numbers in each age group and the individual ability of the player. As a general rule players will only be permitted to play up where the individual player’s ability is substantially higher than others in his/her correct age group.

NBSC strongly discourages requests to play up a year group unless the player fall into this category. In this regard, the coordinators decision is final.

Girls Teams

Girls only teams will continue in the following age groups

10s           9-10s Miniroos 7×7 format

12s           11-12s Miniroos 9×9 format

14s-18s  Juniors 11×11 format

Girls turning 8 are encouraged to play in the mixed formats 8s prior to moving into the girls only teams

Team Allocation and Grading

NBSC will follow the below procedures with regards to team allocation

8s Will train together as a group prior to coaches selecting teams into 2 (or max 3) teams of even ability
9/10s Will return to the same team as last year with new places (if any) allocated to new players of similar ability
11s Players will be informally allocated to teams of similar ability. Please note this is not formal grading and may take into account coach comments, prior year and attendance at training, behaviour etc.
12s As above. On request some 12s may be permitted to play up as 13s. This will be at the discretion of the Junior Co-ordinator.
13-18s Grading will occur if there are enough registrations to fill more than one team.


In recognition of the difficulties facing many families in the current economic climate NBSC has elected not to pass on the annual increase in Football West registration fees.

Fees will remain at the same level as 2018. We hope to undertake a number of fundraising activities during the year and strongly encourage participation from all families so that we may be position to do the same in future years.


NBSC accepts Kidsport Vouchers (Of up to $150), as part payment towards fees.
Information on this initiative is available here

Parents must apply and provide the unique code to NBSC.